Imagine running your business like this...

Direct Reach

No more endless search for promotional channels to increase visibility of your services. Connect organically with your customers.

No Commissions

No more third party services who charge high commissions on sales from your services. Instead, offer your services at the right price.

Be Creative

Don't hold yourself back. Your facilities have more than one purpose. It’s time to explore and be creative without worrying about margins, visibility or distribution.


Help us to transform the industry for the better

Our mission is to relieve physical businesses from constant dependence on third party channels to distribute their goods and services organically, fairly and transparently. Frend prepares your business with the necessary tools.


Just to name a few...


Modern and professional digital presence. Showcase your business, your services and your products in a new, organized and professional way. For your customers, it was never this easy to find your businesses and services.

Booking & Reservations

Frend provides an easy and fast booking platform. Manage table-reservations, pick-up purchases and pre-orders. Sell your products and services cashless through the app. All without any commissions!

Services & Offers

Create new services and promotions in no time and at no extra cost. Rent out workspaces or rooms, create daily/weekly menus, promote your signature dishes and reduce food waste by offering rescue offers.


Publish and promote your own events and sell the tickets directly on Frend. Start organizing your own workshops, parties and special events. No need to worry about any other event platforms or ticket commissions.

Control Panel

Manage your business and facilities at all times from the Control Panel. Update your menu, create offers, communicate with customers, sell your products - you name it. Log in to the panel on any device from wherever you are and handle your business whenever you need.

Real Time

Frend operates in real-time. What you publish through the admin panel will be online immediately and reservations & bookings occur instantly. Your customers will always know what’s on your menu and your current offers.


Three easy steps to get you going


Getting Started

Register below and create your Frend account. Your business space is now ready for you to explore and set up while we verify your business.


Understanding your Business

It’s important for us to get a clear picture of your business. We will reach out and meet you in person to learn how Frend can help you the most. We'll provide you with guidance on how to set up your services and how to use our new tools like a pro


Becoming Frends

You are ready to manage the direct channel to your customers. Discover new possibilities with Frend, while we add more value with upcoming features and support you on your journey.


If you dont see your question here, just call!


Support the future of physical buinesses and improve your customers daily live

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